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Got Mold?

One of the most commonly asked questions ServiceMaster by Griffing receives is, “do I have mold”? Often times, a home or business owner will ask our experts how to determine if they have mold, and how to remove it.

Signs of mold:

  • Musty/strange smell
  • Visual growth
  • Allergies acting up (i.e. – runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.)

Mold negatively impacts your health and should be treated right away. Our professionals will respond to your home or business and take air samples. These samples are immediately sent out to a lab to be tested for mold spores present. When the data is returned, our team reviews the results and reports back to you, fast.

If mold is discovered, do not try to clean it yourself. Sprays and chemicals can often worsen the issue. ServiceMaster by Griffing will develop a comprehensive remediation plan to clean any affected areas and remove any mold-damaged materials that cannot be saved. After clean-up services are provided, an independent certified industrial hygienist takes final air samples and tests them to confirm that your spore count is back to normal.

If you believe that you may have mold, contact ServiceMaster by Griffing at 1-800-253-7366. Our professionals are available 24/7.

Click Here and watch the video to learn more about the warning signs of mold from ServiceMaster by Griffing owner, Chris Griffing.

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