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Top Causes of Water Damage

From leaky pipes to torrential rains and flash flooding, water has the potential to cause serious damage in your home. Here are some of the top causes of water damage in your home:

1. Appliance Leaks

  • Leaks from your appliances can lead to damaged cabinets, warped wood, or mold growth.

2. Broken Pipes

  • Freezing temperatures can cause your pipes to burst. Even a minor dripping leak can cause severe water damage over time.

3. Water Overflow

  • Forgetting to turn off the sink or bathub can cause problems over multiple floors of your home. Overflows can severely affect flooring, carpeting, and even a downstairs ceiling.

4. Sewer Backup

  • Severe storms, flooding, or tree roots blocking pipes can cause sewer backups.

Your local professionals at ServiceMaster by Griffing are trained to restore your home after experiencing any type of water damage. If the problem is not taken care of right away, it could lead to hazardous mold growth, foundation issues, or permanently damaged wood.

Our experts are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency. We respond fast to restore your home back to normal. Call us at 1-800-253-7366 if you experience water damage.

Find out more about water damage restoration services provided by ServiceMaster by Griffing.

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