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Environmentally Friendly

Northeast PA’s ServiceMaster by Griffing continues to select environmentally friendly methods to operate.

Our Dalton, PA office is equipped with solar panels to power the building. This major installation was an easy decision for owner Chris Griffing. This Earth Day, we’d like to share the environmental benefits from the solar power conversion at ServiceMaster by Griffing. Environmental benefits to date:

solar panel power environmental benefits sunshine friendly eco trees emission

Your local ServiceMaster franchise is committed to choosing sustainable products and services. In addition to the paper, plastic, and metal recycling done at the office, we utilize Green For professional cleaning products. The green cleaning products contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or perfumes. The Green For products are developed to improve occupant health and performance, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Products that ServiceMaster by Griffing uses include: Green For General Purpose Cleaning, Wall Glide – ER (Environmentally Responsible), Green For Carpets, and Green For Floors. These products are certified green by up to three different leading auditors including Design for the Environment (DfE), Environmental Choice, and Green Seal.

Ask about our Green For environmentally friendly cleaning products when you call ServiceMaster by Griffing. 24/7 Emergency Service available by calling 800-253-7366.

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