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Helping The Homeless

Join our sister franchise, ServiceMaster of Bethlehem in helping the homeless! Did you know that socks are one of the most requested items by local homeless men and women? Join ServiceMaster of Bethlehem in helping the homeless throughout the Lehigh Valley. We need your help to donate socks to Lehigh Valley H.O.P.E.!

Musty Smell in Basement Odor Mold Mildew Damage Remediation

What’s That Smell?

A musty odor in your basement can spread to other areas of your home. Furniture, clothes, carpets, and more can absorb and retain a musty smell. The smell can make your home unpleasant to live in or invite guests over.

mold damage remediation basement kitchen musty smell

Got Mold?

One of the most commonly asked questions ServiceMaster by Griffing receives is, “do I have mold”? Often times, a home or business owner will ask our experts how to determine if they have mold, and how to remove it.

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